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Would you be able to defend yourself if things took a turn for the worst? Our Haganah FIGHT program at Level Up Martial Arts is detailed to help you protect yourself in a worst case situation. It's tailored to help you be safe in a real world attack.

Level Up Martial Arts is helping the Rancho Cordova community prepare themselves against any threat. 

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What makes Krav Maga the right program for you?

Our Haganah FIGHT Krav Maga program will keep you on your toes so you can be ready should you only have moments to react. Give yourself an advantage rather than handing it to the attacker. We here at Level Up Marital Arts are prepared to help you defend yourself by training you to:

  • Keep a level head while reacting to a threat
  • Use speed and power to strike the opposition with force
  • Enhance situational awareness
  • Increase confidence entering any circumstance

Find out what makes Level Up Martial Arts' Haganah FIGHT program special!

Our Krav Maga and Haganah FIGHT program training is designed specifically to train men and women with a one of a kind self defense system. We want our members to challenge each other to get the most out of their training, both physically and mentally. Here at Level Up Martial Arts, we're preparing Rancho Cordova for:

  • Hand to hand combat scenarios
  • Kidnapping, rape defense, and hostage situations
  • Sneak attack and multiple attacker scenarios
  • Armed attackers, including knives, guns, and blunt objects

We're here to get you ready to deal with any life threatening situation.

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Come visit us today at Level Up Martial Arts to prepare yourself. Our Haganah FIGHT Krav Maga training is THE way for our community to stay prepared for whatever comes their way.

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Our self defense Classes Are Located In

  • Gold River - Rivergate Shopping Center
  • Anatolia - Sunridge Shopping Center

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