Taekwondo near Gold River - Rivergate Shopping Center

Max Shkodnik

Max Shkodnik is a 4th degree black belt in the USA and Kukkiwon certified in Korea. Mr. Shkodnik's Mastership was also issued by Kukkiwon in Korea.  He has over 20 years of Taekwondo training and has studied under Master Jonathan Peschke and Master Martin Gonzalez who are both ranked as 6th Degree Black Belts.  Mr. Shkodnik is currently training under Grand Master Johnny CW Kang.  Grand Master Kang is the current Executive Director of the United States Taekwondo Committee.

Mr. Shkodnik has competed on an American Athletic Union team (AAU), Team California, Team USA, as well as on an Olympic level. He has also won several gold and silver medals. Mr. Shkodnik was a lead instructor at Robinsons Taekwondo in Carmichael from 2000–2005. He is trains regularly in Fierce Israel Guerrilla Hand-to-hand Tactics (F.I.G.H.T.). Mr. Shkodnik continues training for his 5th degree black belt.

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