I started our youngest son over a year ago and the rest of the family joined later that year. The classes are varied and we’ve gained a ton of strength and flexibility. We’ve also gained confidence and self-discipline. The instructors are spectacular. They provide helpful and customized feedback and are invested in their students success and growth. They have created a highly supportive and caring community. While the dojang has been closed due to shelter in place orders, Level Up immediately responded with online classes including customized coaching sessions. The staff has been amazing in keeping us engaged, skippered and provide a sense of normalcy. Martial Arts is all about what you’re willing to put in. The team at Level Up will be with you every step of the way. I could not recommend them more.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Kim Matson

Highly recommend this school to everyone!!! the instructors are family oriented, have great communication skills and positive energy. They offer fun activities for the entire family! Everyone is supportive of each other which boost your Child’s confidence. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Alex Tomato


The instructors are amazing. It's like everyone is family!

Rodney Riggins


My sons love it. Family environment! Great people. Awesome teamwork! Instructors are knowledgeable and experienced!

Rob Matthews Jr


It takes a special Tae Keon Do (TKD) and martial arts instructor to inspire and motivate. Max Shodknik is one of those instructors. He trained and taught both my niece and nephew starting at ages six and seven for several years. My niece, who is now in her final year of college, earned the highest degrees in TKD thanks to Max’s support and training. I believe his training has given her confidence and belief in herself to pursue anything she wishes in life. My nephew also was inspired by Max’s example and has become a a disciplined and successful college athlete. I do not think any of this would have been possible in the same way without their TDK training with Max. I can only say thank you to him for the difference he has made in both of their lives. My family will be forever grateful.

Judith Franks


I’m 57 years old and struggle to walk and balance with my Per Neuropathy but in just a month of joining Level Up I can feel the changes and have found a family of people ,young and not so young 😁 that are good people

Suzyn Christine Foley Purdy


This is an amazing family atmosphere. You would like to describe it like the “Cheer Bar” but much more friendly and kids are welcome. All the instructors are great, they push you out of your comfort zone but yet in a very encouraging way. My whole family is apart of this and we couldn’t be more happier. They have a great family plan so make sure you ask about it.

Vannessa Hoang-Nguyen


Too many people don't realize how fun, accessible and important martial arts can be in their lives. Max and the team at Level Up are the place to start. Gyms are fine, but if you really want to build your core strength, get in shape and learn some advanced skills, Level Up is the real place to go.

Chris Lindholm


The best thing I did for my children at the ages of 4 and 6 was to sign the up for Taekwondo. They learned not only how to defend themselves but also respect, met great friends and have grown up to be very mature and successful young adults. I am so glad there will be one in the new shopping center. Highly recommend it.

Lilian Baracchini Shkodnik


We started our son as a homeschooler for exercise and got so much more. He is now working on his third degree, is focused, is a motivated Honor student in High School, and more. We love what TKD has done for his confidence and health. I find that the instructors at Level Up are great with children and consistently create a supportive environment to learn and improve every day.

Jeffrey Llera-Johnson


We have an amazing community and tae kwon do family that you definitely want to be a part of! We push each other, we genuinely care for each other, and tae kwon do provides such an amazing outlet for stress, physical strength, discipline, and social skills for whoever is interested at any age!

Sara Boomgaarden


In my opinion Taekwondo is more than the lessons you learn in class, there are lessons which change your outlook towards life. Some you could not have gained anywhere else – confidence in yourself, responsibility and personal growth. Max at Level Up has successfully established himself as a winning and dedicated Marital Arts Instructor who has the ability to recognize anyone’s talent and develop a student’s natural talent and competitive spirit for the making of a physically and emotionally strong person. Just show up for the class, and you will continue going on and on, trying to achieve the higher level not because somebody pushes you, but because you will feel that this is your duty as well as your dedication. You will be transformed to the better person with your own motivation. Not only that – you will deeply enjoy going there. No matter what will be happening that day, good or bad, when you get to Taekwondo, there will be a smile on your face. Why smiling? You will not see the reason not to. And even though you will be pushed hard sometimes, it worth of hard work because the more you put into these Marital Arts lessons, the more you will get out of them. Max and the team at Level Up are ready to guide you through your Taekwondo adventure! Do not miss this opportunity…

Edward Sak

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